Starting on 14 September, the Forest City Zen Group will be sharing space with Village Meditation in Wortley Village, at:

141 Wortley Rd.
London, ON N6C 3P4

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before zazen is scheduled to start.

There is a parking lot in back of the building which can be accessed by driveways on either side of the building.  The driveway on the north side of the building is a little wider and easier to drive down.  The lot does not have spaces marked, but the lot can hold about 19 cars.


Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.  Pants and skirts which reach below the knee are appropriate as are subdued colours and patterns.  Traditionally, we go barefoot in the zendo.  However, it is fine to wear socks for reasons of modesty or if the weather is cool.