About Rev. Kuden Paul Boyle

Kuden began practising Zen in the early 1990s. His Zen training took place primarily at the Chapel Hill Zen Center in North Carolina. He has participated in traditional residential practice periods at the San Francisco Zen Center's Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center practice centres in California. He received priest ordination in 2003 and Shuso ordination in 2009 from Josho Pat Phelan, Abbess of the Chapel Hill Zen Center. As a member of the Chapel Hill Zen Center he served in several temple positions, including Ino, the head of the meditation hall, and supported Buddhist meditation groups in the North Carolina State Prison system for many years He moved to London in 2012.

Personal Ethics Statement

As a Soto Zen priest and member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association, I have committed myself to living an ethical life. Central to this vow is my effort to provide a safe haven in which I, other members of the Forest City Zen Group, and all who are exploring the Zen path may engage in practice and feel supported. The sixteen bodhisattva precepts are the foundation of my relationship with ethics. The six paramitas guide my effort to keep these precepts. It is my sincere intention to align my life continually in accord with these precepts and practices.

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