Zazen (Meditation) Instruction:
Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evening

Cost:  No cost, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Zazen instruction will cover a variety of sitting positions, physical centring, breathing, and concentration. Instruction will also cover kinhin (walking meditation) and an introduction to zendo (the meditation hall) etiquette. After the instruction, we will have a short period of meditation followed by an opportunity for questions and answers. If you have your own zafu (meditation cushion), please bring it with you. Chairs will be available for those who find traditional postures difficult. Please wear loose fitting clothing. Sweat pants or other baggy pants are ideal.

If you have not attended a sitting at the Forest City Zen Group, you are strongly encouraged to meet with Kuden for zazen instruction before attending a regular sitting. You can either register for the group instruction described above or arrange for an individual instruction session.  Everyone is welcome whether you are a complete newcomer or someone with prior meditation experience.