The purpose of the Forest City Zen Group is to provide opportunities for the practice and study of Zen Buddhism, based on the example and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. We seek to promote an atmosphere of kindness and compassion in our group.  Our efforts are guided by the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts, and the teachings of the Soto School of Zen transmitted through the lineage of San Francisco Zen Center and Chapel Hill Zen Center.

We welcome anyone regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability to join us for silent meditation. In order to provide an environment where we may meet ourselves at our most fundamental level and that supports trust, safety, and harmony in our community, the Forest City Zen Group encourages following these guidelines:

Mindful Speech
Please be mindful of your speech and refrain from gossip and from talking about your private interviews with any teacher. Gossip, or third party information, does not promote an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Please safeguard personal information shared during study groups, practice teas, practice discussion, and other contexts where people may disclose personal information.

Appropriate Behaviour
Inappropriate behaviour is behaviour which is harmful to others and to ourselves. It includes harsh or manipulative speech or action, unwanted romantic advances, sexual misconduct or harassment.

We try to create an environment at the FCZG where conscious, mindful, and compassionate relationships can be cultivated, and where members are supported to focus on practice, free from unwanted sexual or romantic attention or energy.  Particular care must be taken with newcomers. As the foundation of a practice is formed in the first weeks and months, it can be seriously undermined or distorted through the lens of a romantic relationship.  If such feelings do arise, we encourage participants to discuss the matter with the priest before pursuing a relationship.

Adapted from the Chapel Hill Zen Center's Ethics Statement